3 Factors To Bear In Mind When Buying A Used Tray Top Truck

Construction contractors who are new in the business will need a tray top truck at some point for lifting loads and getting construction crew to upper levels of a building. Therefore, a tray top truck is indispensable in a construction site. Contactors have the option of either hiring, buying a new machine or purchasing a used unit. The latter option fills your long-term equipment needs at a lower cost compared to acquiring a new one. Here are some factors to bear in mind when buying a used tray top truck. 

1. Maintenance Records -- The performance of a tray top truck is only as good as its maintenance by previous owners. Just like any other heavy construction equipment, regular maintenance of a tray top truck ensures that the machinery operates at an optimal level, without fail. Failure is likely to cause delays in project completion and subsequently, loss of money by construction contractors. Check the maintenance records of the tray top truck you wish to purchase, to help you land a piece of equipment that has a reliable service record. In case of missing records or if the schedule indicates that the equipment has a poor maintenance record, then that should be a red flag. It might be an excellent option to look for another seller.

2. Check for Any Modifications -- Sometimes, equipment modification is necessary for a myriad of reasons, which can be an added benefit to the buyer. For example, a tray top truck can be modified to increase its lifespan through the replacement of old and worn-out components. Also, modification can lower the maintenance cost instead of buying new equipment. Alterations of any kind, including trailer body extension, should have been certified and performed by a qualified person. Check for significant alterations that can significantly impair crane operations and endanger the lives of workers and the operator. For instance, some changes to the tray top truck can affect its structural integrity by shifting the equipment's centre of gravity, and thus, making it unstable. Typically, any certified modifications are documented and inspected by relevant authorities to ensure the safety of the equipment.

3. Hydraulic System -- The hydraulic system is at the core of a tray top truck operation. When a hydraulic system has problems such as leaks, then hydraulic failure is always imminent. The machine can lose hydraulic power causing it to become unsafe at the jobsite because of the risk of the sudden dropping of loads. Before buying the equipment, inspect it for any signs of fluid seepage. Such a leak should be repaired before the tray top truck is shipped to your worksite. Failure to fix this issue can also lead to damage to other mechanical components and the eventual grounding of the tray top truck.